The Melbourne Model Infographic

Maturity and insight

Some school leavers have a chosen career and study pathway mapped out, while others are not ready to decide. The Melbourne Model gives students the flexibility, time, insight and maturity to make an informed decision about their career, so they’re more prepared and informed about the challenges of their industry when they graduate.

Outstanding employability

No university is rated more highly by Australian employers. Our graduates are in high demand, with more than 250 Australian and international organisations – consulting firms, technology firms, government and industry – actively recruit on campus.

Connections beyond campus

The Melbourne Model connects students with each other, the University community and the wider world. There are a wide range of opportunities to engage with organisations outside the University, through internships with business and community groups, applied research projects and overseas study programs. This builds on the curriculum to give our students a wider understanding of the world beyond their degree.

Undergraduate fundamentals

Our six core undergraduate degrees offer students a choice from over 100 majors, offering a deep learning experience over three years. Breadth subjects enrich the experience and allow students to supplement their main discipline with a wider range of knowledge, skills and interdisciplinary perspectives. On graduation, students can enter the workforce or progress to a professional graduate degree or research higher degree.

Specialised graduate programs

The Melbourne Model offers a true graduate school experience, with courses including law, engineering, medicine, architecture and teaching. A professional graduate degree can be a life-changing option, equipping students with specialised cognitive and technical skills – and an internationally recognised masters-level qualification.